Chapman Naija’s own signature cocktail

Over the last two months a number of my colleagues from overseas offices have visited Nigeria on business.  And, it has really been a big thrill to see their reaction to Nigeria’s own signature cocktail – the almighty Chapman.  Watching their faces as they try to identify the flavours in the glass while gulping it down and asking for more almost always leaves me rolling in stitches.  If only they knew how simple it was.  Who invented it and were in Nigeria it comes from, I am yet to discover.  If you know please do add a comment. Me too is curious!  So, for those who want to know what’s in it and try it out themselves, here you go!  Caution! Chapman is high in sugar and can leave you wired, but on the flip side it is really quite refreshing.  Whenever I visit a local restaurant in Lagos I always try their Chapman, but I’m yet to find anyone that makes it better than I make mine (in my opinion).  Anyhoot!  Here is the recipe.  And for those of us looking for an extra ‘kick’ after a stressful day, I have spiced mine up with a bit of alcohol.



4 tablespoons of Blackcurrant cordial (e.g., Ribena)

350ml Fanta, (chilled)

350 ml Sprite (chilled)

1 tsp Angostura Bitters

½ tsp orange, lemon, and lime juice

Ice cubes

Slices of cucumber, oranges, lemons, limes (to garnish)

1/4 cup of vodka (optional)


  1. In a pitcher add the ice cubes
  2. Pour in the Fanta and Sprite
  3. Add in the blackcurrant cordial, Angostura Bitters, orange, lemon and lime juice
  4. Add in the vodka (optional), add garnish and mix
  5. Garnish serving glasses and serve



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