Featured ingredient: Periwinkles

Now when I was younger I couldn’t stand periwinkles. I always inspected my bowl of soup and picked them out one by one before proceeding to throw down my eba and soup. In some cases when my mother laced a dish with them, I’d completely opt out of that particular meal. Now though, I have less of an aversion to them as long as they come in small doses. They are a delicacy in some parts. A key ingredient in soups and dishes of the Ibibio and Efik variety and commonly eaten in South Eastern Nigeria.  You can find many a periwinkle connoisseur sucking on these shells to get the ‘meat’ out with a look of sheer delight on their faces.  Periwinkles are a sea snail, and different varieties can be found around the world. They were a key feature in the dish that is coming up next on the blog. Any guesses as to what it might be?


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