What’s this obsession with Ofada rice?

I don’t remember hearing about ofada rice when I was as kid. Rice was rice, eaten mostly on Sundays. But, since moving back to the United States of Naija, there’s been a lot of talk about ‘ofada’ rice and how much tastier it is.  Ofada rice is locally grown in Nigeria but consumption was low due to the amount of grit in the rice. Apparently, progress has been made and the quality has improved thanks to advances in production and packaging manufacturers that have done a swell job at cleaning up ofada’s image. It is now widely stocked on shelves next to the likes of basmati and jasmine rice.

My first encounter with ofada was at a canteen in my office building, which shall remain unnamed,  and I promptly spent 2 days in the hospital with an IV stuck in my arm. So I have avoided it like the plague since then.  However, I wanted to really understand the obsession with ofada rice and ofada sauce, so I’m going ‘there’. Watch out for my upcoming post on the famous ofada rice and ayemashe stew, the traditional accompaniment for ofada.


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