Visit to a Jerusalem market

Visit to a Jerusalem market

I didn’t realise until today that it really is already August! Gosh, where does the time go? I’ve been on the road lately and although I’ve spent less time in the kitchen than planned, I have dreamed up some amazing recipes that I cannot wait to try out. Also on my travels, I ended up in Israel for a few days and was over myself with excitement to get to visit the ancient city of Jerusalem. After touring the city all day with my co-workers, we ended up in a local food market.  Gosh, if only I could have brought some of the fruits and vegetables back home with me! They were so colourful and for the fruits I indulged in on the drive back to Tel Aviv, so, so juicy.  I really love visiting local markets to see what interesting ingredients people around the globe cook with. I was able to bring back some spices that I plan to incorporate into a few recipes in the near future.  Here are a few shots I captured in the market.


  1. Thanks a lot for capturing and sharing the photos of your adventures in a Jerusalem market, i happen to be ravenously hungry a i read through your post. The images are simple amazing, everything looks yummy, keep it up and please keep posting!

  2. How cool is that! I can imagine how great the trip felt. Just how I felt in the Turkish Markets, I wished I could bring some fruits and veggies too. The spices were great and Saffron is cheap in comparison…See some shots here.

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  4. This pictures are breathtaking. I jst love to cook and learn new recipes everyday. Will definitely visit your blog regularly. Nice one. Weldone

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