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Whenever I go on holiday I EAT! For some reason the food seems to taste and look better. Maybe it’s the sun, sand, sea or the fact that I spend less time behind a laptop. Whatever it is, I guess the root of it all is that I truly am a foodie. And my oga happens to be one as well. On a trip to Cape Town we stopped by a seafood restaurant for lunch. I must say I was excited about our choices (yes I had to eat off both plates). I’m really looking forward to attempting to replicate these dishes in my Naija kitchen.  We really need to start being more creative with Nigerian dishes and especially with the presentation (a big pet peeve!). Anyhoot, trust that 30 minutes after arriving at the restaurant our plates were empty as folks had “chopped belle full”.  Toodles!

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  1. Oh my, these look yummy! Do share pictures and recipes when you try this out in your kitchen. Do you remember the names of the dishes?

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