In season! Citrus fruit salad

In season! Citrus fruit salad

Citrus is in season!  Yes, there are citrus fruits all over the streets and markets of Lagos these days.  I’m a fruit girl for sure and I probably consume more fruit than what’s required in the recommended daily average, but who’s keeping score anyways?! Day two of my eating raw break I decided to lay off drinking my fruit and veggies as smoothies and dig into this gorgeous coloured citrus salad.  It was my lunch for the day. I had everything in it from the juice of one lime and one lemon, to tangelos, oranges, grapefruit and pomelo. Pomelos originate from Malaysia. Grapefruits are a cross between a pomelo and an orange.  Pomelos are about three times the size of grapefruits, if not more.  Inside it has a very thick flesh and in the middle of it all is this sweet awesome goodness.  When I asked the market women where these were grown I couldn’t get a straight answer. After probing for a while one woman said “Cotonou”. I think she just wanted me to buy it and move on to make way for her next customer. I’ve seen a lot of these in the market lately, so I’ll keep asking around till I get to the bottom of it. I do know there is this tree off of Ozumba Mbadiwe in Victoria Island on  your way to Kofo Abayomi St that had these really huge yellow fruits hanging off of it. I could never figure out what they were, but now I’m beginning to suspect that they were pomelos. Going to investigate. In the mean time, if you live in Lagos go out and get you some citrus fruits.  They’re available in abundance.  I’ll have another recipe coming up with these.  Watch this space.

I love, love going to the fruit & vegetable market. I really love taking in all the colours of the produce while I’m there and it inspires recipe ideas. Below are not even half of what I purchased on my shopping trip. Now there are some food photos you where the oranges are pure bright orange and lemons a very clear bright yellow, but these babies are all imperfect on the outside. That’s just how they came, but you’ll see that once I cut them the were absolutely gorgeous on the inside.

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From pomello to limes I bought them all!

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  1. Bisi O.

    Awesome! Pomelos? Didn’t know that but I always like to try different recipes so I’m going a-searching for this next time I visit the fruit market. Thanks ma’m. Will keep you posted!

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