Lagos market days and my friends

Saturday morning is one of my favourite days. It’s market day! At least for me on my side of Las Gidi. I like to get up bright and early and hit one or two of several local markets to stock up on fresh produce, and round out my morning by stopping by a few gourmet grocery stores. I’ve become a popular customer at the fruit & vegetable market under Falomo bridge on the VI side. This is where I can find, almost anything. I always stop by this market with every intention of getting only exactly what is on my list, but end up being coerced by the market women to buy more than my oga and I could possibly eat in one week. That aside, it’s fun, they give me advice on what to buy, and whenever something I want cannot be haggled down to a reasonable price they signal to me to leave it and come back when again their fellow seller has come to their senses. They make me laugh some days and other days, when I really want to just be in and out, I just want to avoid them and shop in peace. But this is Lagos. Shopping cannot be done in peace as it would be boring otherwise. I mean who can fault their form of customer service (and camaraderie in emptying my purse) when they go out of their way to scout the market to find what’s on my shopping list from fellow sellers just to make sure I get all I need?

They find me amusing whenever I try to buy only what’s on my list. “Madam! You sure say you no wan buy cocoyam? Is good wan o! Oga go like am well well for inside cocoyam pottage na.”  No thank you ladies. Not on my shopping list! “Ok, gran nut nko? Dis wan e good well, well, take am N250.” Got to give them an a for persistence.

I really had not planned to buy any fresh mint. But really who can resist? It’s so green. I’m sure there is something I can rustle up in the kitchen with this right?


  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about Madame Chef. I love images of these interactions takng place. I think in an early post, whether he or on your photo site, you mentioned that it can be difficult shooting out and about in the street. I hope this shows it is possible and they are utterly beautiful. I gotta pinterest these (and source them back to you of course)!

    And the dialogue had me laughing! Love it!

    • Madam Chef

      Thanks Adhis! I will venture out every now and again so I can continue to tell the “full” story about food in Africa.

  2. ….. Madam Chef .. love your latest Post, the photo’s are fantastic and the colours I love! – and it brings back memories of my Nigerian friends! and all the laughter, though it was at a market with mainly Samoan, Fijian and Indonesian women but we all shared the same spirit! …. ps. love your recipes too!

  3. Absolutely wonderful! Your pictures are lively and tell a story. Thank you for sharing your world with us. Love your work. Keep on keeping on!

  4. hamdalah

    So beautiful,keep it up. Can I see strawberries and co under Falomo bridge? Thanks.

  5. Goodness, such beautiful pictures: they tell a story in themselves..

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