Fish markets in Lagos

Fish markets in Lagos

To continue with my market series, next up are fish markets in Lagos.  My favourite location is Makoko, but I only get to go there every now and then it’s a rudely early Saturday morning haul. When I do go, I make it count. There is also a market at Epe and for those of us not able to get all the way out there from the Island, there is a small market on the other side of Falomo bridge in Victoria Island. No matter which market you head to to buy  your fish in Lagos, you do want to get t here early. As early as the fishermen come in with their early morning catch. I do love my fish, most fish but not all. Yes, I’m a picky eater. Bony fish I can do without. Anyhoot, here are some photos from my fish shopping trips at Falomo bridge and at Epe.

 How fresh is your fish? On a trip to Epe market I bought mine straight out of the water.

 A few scenes from the fish stalls on the other side of Falamo bridge in Victoria Island, Lagos.


Red snapper. Great for grilling whole as I did in a previous post.

And Nigerian tiger prawns. I’m quite sure these are langostines, but anyway they are massive. Recipe featuring these babies coming up soon.


  1. I enjoyed looking at your impressions from the fish market in lagos. Always enjoy looking at different markets in the world and I wished I could have some of the tiger prawns now and red snapper. =D

    Do you know if the fish ladies use any tricks to make their fish look fresher? I have come across a few tricks in asia and I was wondering if that was the case there too. Here they will even color the gills red to make it look fresh. lol

    • Hi Helene,

      The fishmongers on this list live literally by the sea so there is no need to apply tricks to make their fish look fresher. It’d be moot. I can’t say same for fish that you buy from township markets though.

  2. I am just saving all these market names and tips for when I come!! Thank you so much! So helpful! Awesome images too!

  3. This pics Afi! I am loving this series. Please keep it up! Like Lohi said, making lists!

  4. i have been to the market in epe several times on my trips to Lagos (stay in the uk) and i must say it is one to see and visit. the whole trip is one to savor. not just fish but a lot more and all fresh

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  6. I’m looking for where I can get fresh squid in Lagos (to be used for calamari). Any ideas?

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