Red hot tomatoes

This is an ode to my Yoruba friends who I believe make the best use of red hot tomatoes. I am yet to go into a Yoruba household and not find tomatoes (in abundance) or red peppery finger licking tomato stew. I think when it comes to tomato stews my Yoruba people have locked it down. In the markets, tomatoes abound. You can’t go shopping and not buy them. I often find the Roma tomatoes at the fruit & veggie market that are great for salads, and which by the way I’m still praying the market is relocated to an easily accessible location, but if you find yourself at Oyingbo, Epe, New or Sangrose market you will definitely find the Yoruba variety. Blend and freeze them to preserve them for your stew-making, and while you’re at it, add in some peppers.

Happy cooking!


  1. The photos, the color…the whole belle don full with envy! HAHA!

    I swear when in Lagos (and you are not with me), I am just going to use this as a guide on where to go about town!

  2. Oh to go shopping with you. The next time I’m heading to Lagos, I’ll ‘book’ time with you and extend my shopping escapades beyond Shoprite and Quintessence 🙂

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