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A while ago I received an email from Adhis owner of Chef Afrik, and woman after my own dreams of eating and praying her way through Africa. Adhis runs an awesome blog that takes readers on a journey of discovery around continent through food and travel.  I still to this day am baffled at how she discovers some of the most interesting food and travel bloggers from the continent.  It is wonderful to know that there is a growing community out there of people who are bent on sharing educating the rest of us about life and food from their African country.  It’s great for us as a whole! Anyhoot, it was an honour to be interviewed by her. When she shared her list of questions I could tell she was an avid reader of my blog and she raised a few questions that really made me think before I could find the wherewithal to responded. Thanks for the challenge Adhis! You can find the full interview on her blog.

chefafrik feature


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  1. Such an honor to have been able to interview you! Thanks for agreeing to do it! *goes back to browsing through your site*

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