Nigerian tiger prawns. A light lunch.

Nigerian tiger prawns can be prepared in many ways. I had some for lunch, coated in rice crumbs (to add some crunch) and baked, served with a revised coleslaw on the side along with a crayfish aioli. Now, I am in the process of refining this recipe and will share details in a future post. In the meantime all I can say is ‘yum’!

1-light lunch_WM


  1. That looks delicious…. I’m a big fan of prawns… We probably don’t have Nigerian ones here but you can find good tiger prawns in the frozen section. Finding them fresh is a bit harder!

  2. Affi I can’t wait to read the recipe of those prawns! My husband and I love them!
    I should try and impress him with a Nigerian dish!

  3. Please where can I buy that meal? I’m already salivating.

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