The hoopla about Nigerian snails

Yes, there’s some hoopla about Nigerian land snails. By the way, are their water or air snails? I digress. On Tuesday July 15, the US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) discovered and seized 67 live Nigerian snails at the Los Angeles California airport (see BBC news report). Previously, there was an earlier report of 36 snails being brought into the UK by a traveller arriving in Scotland was reported by the UK Border Police in 2012 (see BBC news report).

Giant African snail Achatina crawling 

What I learned from these reports is that Nigerian snails are among the largest land snails in the world and can grow up to 8ins (20cm) long and they can lay about 1,200 eggs a year. That is massive! I have seen them in the markets and have seen first hand how huge they are. That aside, while the rest of the world seize and destroy these critters, back home they are a delicacy and are quite expensive to purchase, on average. They are eaten in a variety of soups or alone, peppered in tomato sauce. My fellow food bloggers Kitchen Butterfly and Lohi Creations have wonderfully demonstrated how to prepare and cook them. They may be deemed destructive to agriculture because they eat just about anything, but in Nigeria they are considered as exotic as escargot is to the French. Personally, I’m not a fan of snails, the slime just makes me go “egh”! But, they are a big part of the Nigerian diet, especially in the South. This is clearly a case of one man’s meat being another man’s poison. But to be objective, they should be exported according to local country importation rules. #my10kobo #my10pence #my10cents




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  2. Great piece! I think Nigerians should explore more of snail farming

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