Where’ve you been?

Where’ve you been? Where’ve you been? Where have you been? I know! So many of you have been wondering and asking. Even more of you have emailed, pinged, DM’d, called and straight to my face asked me…told me…pressured me…to get back to blogging. And for all that I say a big “Thank you!” I didn’t realised how much MBDF meant to you.


So to the title of this post, “Where’ve you been?” Well, I’ve been busy. It’s been one whole year since my last blog post on here. And for the break, I am grateful. I have been busy with the day job, life, travel around the globe and my health. The point about my health I’ll share more in upcoming posts, but not to worry, as I’m well, healthy and ready to get back on a roll. Taking time away from blogging has helped me refine what I want to share on here and through other channels, has helped me spend time defining what value I can bring to my blog readers, and has enabled me spend time on two other new projects that I’ll share over time – I can’t wait to share the new!  I’ve had a number of my images stolen from my blog and they’ve made the rounds online. But, I refuse to go down like that. To all those who have no respect for copyrights, let me tell you. You can’t keep me from sharing my work with the thousands that were visiting my blog daily. So there!

I’ve had the logo refreshed and updated the look (you like it?). And I’m raring to go. What else is changing? Well I’ll be sharing more posts from my travels through my tales as Madam on the Move (MOTM) in t he about section…well because I do travel a whole lot and well, there is so much to learn from the rest of the world. I will be sharing more alternative options to cooking and ingredients as I navigate my own personal host of food allergies and aversions, while living in Nigeria. I will though, share things I may not personally eat, but that is representative of food in Nigeria. I will share my discoveries in modernising Nigerian cuisine in my own little way with as many locally available ingredients as possible. And finally, I’ll also (I promise!) blog more frequently, because no one likes to be left hanging. Even me. So, all I can say is stay tuned! MBDF 2.0 is loading…

And here is an image from one of my many trips. The Seattle Pike Market was amazing. Excited to share more about my experience here.



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  1. Yay…. You came to Seattle. I too love going to Pike Place Market. It has a little of everything. Did you buy those beautiful fresh flowers? Did you get to what the fishing throwing ceremony? I know to many questions. I’m just existed to find another Nigerian that loves Pike Place Market.

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