MOTM: University of Suya – Ikeja

MOTM: University of Suya – Ikeja

Suya is a Nigerian street food that originates from the Hausa people of Northern Nigeria that has made its way south and gained popularity. The “mallams” that prepare and sell suya know their stuff. They have a special way of preparing and grilling suya in a way, I don’t believe, anyone else can. If you ever find yourself in Nigeria you absolutely have to try suya. Although beef is the primary form of suya you will find, you can also find chicken, gizzards, liver, kidney, and tripe suya. What makes suya is the spice used the marinade the meat. It’s also known as yaji, which I did my best to recreate here.  

Now the images in this post speak for themselves.  The aroma that filled the air as I got out the car to shoot was absolutely amazing. That hot smokey grilled meat smell. This is the University of Suya in Ikeja. I discovered this place having been approached by a TV show, that I shall not name, to take a few shots at this location. I just loved watching how “Alhaji” (because he refused to tell me his real name) prepped, marinated, grilled, dipped, fried, spiced, wrapped and spiced this meat. It is a process and he takes it seriously. I got here pretty early in the day and people had already  started queueing to place their order. Now I don’t eat meat, but you just can’t discuss Nigerian street food without suya coming up in conversation. This place really inspired me and I’ll be sharing a few more posts soon incorporating suya spice and grilling. Stay tuned!

university of suya-037_WM

university of suya-033_WM

university of suya-034_WM

university of suya-029_WM

university of suya-030_WM

university of suya-025_WM

university of suya-027_WM

university of suya-035_WM

university of suya-036_WM

These guys were queuing up early to get their suya. It’s a very serious “something”, as one would say in Naija.

university of suya-042_WM

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