MOTM: Seattle Pike Market

MOTM: Seattle Pike Market

Seattle’s Pike Market is a foodie’s dream! While I was on break from blogging, I wasn’t on break from shooting and travelling. One of things I absolutely love to do is visit local markets wherever I go. On one of my far flung travels across the globe, I stopped in Seattle for 48 hours and was able to sneak a quick trip to the renown Seattle Pike Street market. My oh my! My only disappointment was that I could not fly back with the Pacific ocean fresh catch that blessed my eyes. Everywhere I looked the seafood look surreal. Oh ma goodness! The size of the seafood and the variety of fresh veggies for sale was unbelievable. Every single item I saw was a cook’s dream. I wish I could visit the place daily and pack a truck to haul off to my kitchen. The recipes I dreamed up while taking in the sounds and sights through the market aisles were endless. Strolling through local markets is something I always try to do while travelling. On this trip, I literally had two hours before having to head to the airport for my flight and trust that the market was the one stop that had to be made on my way out. Needless to say it was well worth it. I will definitely have to go back to Seattle again soon. It’s a beautify city and there is so much more to explore in the Pacific North West of the USA.


Seattle Pike Market-002_WM

Seattle Pike Market-001_WM

Seattle Pike Market-004_WM

This is salmon. Straight from the ocean. How wonderful it looks. Just passing by this stall I thought up at least 10 different recipes already. The only thing about visiting local markets while travelling is the inability to haul this stuff back home. Sigh! Lol!

Seattle Pike Market-003_WM

Next stop was the fruit and veggie aisle. The colours blew me away. I was so excited to see such a wide range of fresh fruit and veg be hawked by the sellers. 

Seattle Pike Market-006_WM

Seattle Pike Market-005_WM

Seattle Pike Market-008_WM

Seattle Pike Market-007_WM

Seattle Pike Market-010_WM

Seattle Pike Market-009_WM

Seattle Pike Market-011_WM

Seattle Pike Market-021_WM

Seattle Pike Market-022_WM

Seattle Pike Market-023_WM

Seattle Pike Market-019_WM

Seattle Pike Market-015_WM

Seattle Pike Market-017_WM

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Seattle Pike Market-027_WM

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