Madam Chef

About Madam Chef…

They call me Affi and I used to be a high-flying single professional female making the moves in corporate America.  Then “he” came along, and like Beyonce told ‘em – “If you like it then you better put a ring on it” and he did!  In less than six months flat, I was all boxed and on a one way flight to Nigeria to join him.

So here I am, back in Nigeria and doing my darn best to figure out a few things in the kitchen, to enjoy Nigerian food, cater to a host of food allergies, all while staying healthy. 

There are a few things, however, that I do need to get straight in the kitchen as I become a true Nigerian ‘madam’ though. Namely…

1. Learn to cook those mouth watering Nigerian dishes myself like my mama and aunties used to
2. Explore recipes from across Nigeria (there’s more to life than rice and stew!)
3. Understand local ingredients a little better
4. Create a few new recipes using local ingredients (aka modernise native dishes)
5. Eat healthily (well at least most of the time)

Stay tuned and we’ll see how it goes!  Aside from being an ex-high flying professional, I am a professional photographer.  Photography, food and travel, in no particular order are the things I love to indulge in this life and pretty much covers what I will share here on the blog. 

What else? Oh yes, I do have a day job and two little muppets that follow me round the kitchen and keep me balling with laughter all day long.


About my Nigerian food blog…

So what is with this blog? Let me first confess! I’m not a professional chef, but I am a woman who is determined to explore the intricacies of Nigerian food (and feed her man at the same time!).  I also want to help make Nigerian food much less exotic and much more accessible to the rest of the world. For me, preparing Nigerian cuisine is an exciting adventure in texture, colour, flavour and aroma.  This blog is a documentary of my journey and experiments through photos and videos.  I cook, shoot (and eat) pretty much all the food you see on this blog except for the few dishes from my travels that I may decide to share. So, there you have it! I invite you to join me on this ride to savour the flavour of Nigerian culinary delights.  It’s a real adventure for me and it will be great to have you come along for the ride.

For the Nigerians out there, I hope this Nigerian food blog brings you a bit closer to home and evoke some fond childhood memories from the smells coming out of your mama’s kitchen. For the non-Nigerians, I hope that this allows you dip your toe into Nigerian gastronomic goodness.  It really is quite unique!

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